What you should know About Applying for a Job in Australia


Australia is among the top choice for students wishing to study abroad. There are various reasons that contribute to this including the high number of job opportunities. Did you know that if you are a student at an Australian University you are entitled to 40 hours of work per fortnight? Basically, this is a good initiative because as you work you can be able to take care of the financial needs. Therefore, if you are willing to register for a course in the Australian universities, you would also want to know how you should write a good job application letter and a CV also commonly referred to as a resume.

Is it Résumé or a CV?

The Australians will most likely use the word resume when referring to the CV. However, there is no need to worry as the two can be used interchangeably. Either of the two is understood well and both are acceptable despite the fact that Resume is more common. Another observation is the omission of the accents which are above the letters (é). This, therefore, makes the word have a completely different meaning.

However, despite this omission, the same meaning is maintained when the word is used. It is the context that the word is used that will make the difference. To avoid the confusion and for the sake of clarity, you can use the word CV. This will ensure that you are not misunderstood by your fellow students or even by the potential employer.

The Things You Should not Mention in Your CV

There are some things that are irrelevant in your CV and therefore you should not include them. For instance, the personal details like the children that you have, the domination or religion that you believe in, and the marital status, are irrelevant and therefore you should not include them in the CV. What about your health status? Well, these are factors that don’t count and therefore you should not include them in your CV. Let’s assume that you are living with a disability. Disclosing this on your CV doesn’t make any difference. Consider the fact that the Australian employment law criminalizes any employer found guilty of discriminating against a person with a disability when recruiting.

When it comes to LinkedIn, it is a powerful recruitment platform for some companies, while others choose to stay away from it. However, if you have signed up for the platform make sure that your details are updated including your most recent experience. If you still haven’t created a profile there is no need to worry because the time can also be spent writing a good CV.

Job Application Cover Letter

There are some job roles that require that you write a cover letter while for others you don’t really need it. In circumstances where you are applying for a job online, you might also not need to include the cover letter. However, in circumstances where you are asked to include the cover letter remember to:

  1. Always write a new letter for the specific job role

  2. Ensure the Cover letter is personalized to the job

  3. Ensure the cover letter is simple and Readable.


As a student interested in applying for a job in Australia, it is advisable that you learn and stick to the above guidelines when applying for a job. After writing the cover letter and the CV, also be sure to proofread the two and eliminate any mistakes. Keep the CV clear and go straight to the point. This way, you will be able to compete effectively for the role applied for.

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