The Australian Books That You Will Enjoy Reading


Literature has an important place in the History of Australia. There are several Australian Writers worthy celebrating during the World Poetry Day. Therefore, if you are a lover of poetry or happen to be a lover of written words, here are some of the top Australian books you should read to celebrate the lovely work done by the Australian writers.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Written by Richard Flanagan, the book details an exciting story of Dorrigo Evans a medics doctor who struggles with the memories of prison life. He was imprisoned during the war of the infamous Thai Burma Railway and also the love affair he got into with the wife of his uncle.

The writer also explains about his growing celebrity life. He actually became the war hero of his time. In the book, he narrates how Dorrigo became a post-war legendary for the wartime courage when he was in the hands of the Japanese Captors. Evans became a national figure in his middle years despite the fact that his family spent nights under the opossum skin. He later met the commander of the Thai railway camp and reports the number of people that were still capable of the job. Read the book and you will enjoy the story that was largely inspired by the experiences brought by the WW2.

Holding the Man

The book was originally written by Timothy Conigrave who was an actor and also an activist. The book was published by Penguin books and released in 1995. The book also won several awards including the prestigious United Nations Human Rights Award for Non-Fiction in the year 1995. Other achievements include being listed among the top 100 favorite Australian books.

In the book, Tim shares the story of his life after meeting John Caleo in the mid 70`s while studying at Xavier College which was then an all-boys school. Caleo was a footballer since the time when he was in high school and he also captained the school team leading to the team winning several tournaments.

Jasper Jones

In his book, Craig Silvey elaborates the story of Charlie Bucktin and the character that the book is named after called Jasper Jones. In the book, we learn of the death of the titular character`s girlfriend who was also found dead. For Charlie, Jasper is a distant figure full of danger and intrigue. Whenever Jasper asks for help from Charlie, he steals by his side through the night with a lot of desperation to create an impression. Then later in the book, we read of how Jasper takes Charlie to the secret glade in the bush and while there Charlie witnesses the horrible incident. Later when everything changes, Charlie comes to learn the truth about the things that were so hard to know.

Schindler`s Ark

Thomas Keneally is the author of the book Schindler`s Ark. The book was released and soon after won several accolades. In the book, we read about the life of a Sudeten-German rich man who set up an enamel-ware factory in Krakow when the city came under the famous Nazi occupation. Oskar is a popular man and liked by many and noticeably courteous. Luckily, the business seems to be booming for him even in the war times. Schindler watched the Jews of Krakow as they told their story while rounding into the cramped conditions in the ghetto city.


These are not only exciting books to read, they are also resourceful in that they teach us about the challenges that the Australian people faced during the early days.

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