Australia Takes #4 in the Global Quality of life Survey


Many people want to live in Australia and the main reason is that there is a high quality of life in Australia. The Not for Profit Organization Social Progress Imperative released a report in which Australia was ranked number four among the best countries that offer a high quality of life. Out of a score of 100, Australia scored 89.13 ahead of countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Scientists agree that material wealth is not what determines the high quality of life. However, there are a number of other factors that should be considered.

The main indexes that were analyzed in the study were basic human rights, well-being foundations, and also the opportunities available. The basic human rights that were considered in the study included medical care, sanitation, and shelter. Note that the basic human rights contribute to the ability of workers to be productive. The high quality of health care means that employees will not register absenteeism while on sick leave. A better sanitation proper housing is also important for the comfort of employees. Therefore, this shows that even the average person is guaranteed that he or she will live a modest life in Australia since the most basic human rights are within reach.

Foundations of well being were also looked at in the study. Australia scores well when it comes to the provision of education, the access to technology, and life expectancy. Actually, the Aussie universities are also among the best universities to study in. therefore, international students will be attracted to the good quality of education coupled with the high quality of life making Aussie the preferred destination for global learners. On the other side, it is the country with access to high opportunities when it comes to personal rights, the freedom of choice and also general tolerance. Now, these present a very good environment for businesses which means that they will be willing to invest more in Australia.

The Australian cities, therefore, offer a high quality of life and so attract investors and expatriates as the best place to work. In addition to the above factors, the Aussie cities rank high when it comes to the political environment and social environment. In addition, there is a good infrastructure and the quality of housing is high. This is the reason why we see more companies moving workers abroad so as to transition the workforce to the attractive locations. Australia will, therefore, top the list of the best countries to work in for many expatriates as illustrated above.

Countries like Aussie and others in the top list of countries with high quality of life will remain competitive when it comes to workforce attractiveness. They have a higher potential of attracting skilled labor into their market. Note that the ability to attract and retain right talent is a key challenge that businesses are faced with. Now, with the increasing rate of globalization, it will become challenging for countries to retain top talent. This is because of the open opportunities in countries like Australia bought by the high quality of life.


As illustrated above, the quality of life is an essential factor that people consider when choosing the best place to live in. The fact that Australia ranks high when it comes to quality of life makes the country a preferred place to live and work in. We have seen that the country offers its citizens a good healthcare system, improves sanitation, and also shelter for people living in the country. Further, the foundations of well being and the opportunities available are the leading factors why many people would consider living in Australia compared to other nations.

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